Saving Money AND Calories

Freshman Fifteen...yikes

Not only are you gaining all that weight (more than likely) when you first get to college, but you're also losing all your money.  The culprit? More than likely: alcohol.

But don't worry, YOU'RE IN LUCK! Turns out- the alcohols that are lowest in calories are also the lowest prices!

So, the "best" choices for you to save money and calories are:

  1. Clear, unflavored liquors- cut out the unneeded sugar and flavors. 
  2. Shots! They get the job done and don't need any mixers
  3. Wine- Tasty and most are lower in calories

Stay away from:

  1. Cream-based alcohol (Bailey's)- These are expensive, and let's face it- coffee creamer is safer.
  2. Fruity mixed drinks/syrups- switch to some cheap, fresh juices (orange juice is my favorite)
  3. Amaretto Sours- holy expensive!
  4. Darker, heavier, "craft" beers- Stick with the Natural Light and Busch Light