10 Free Entertainment Apps That Save Money


The cheap Ebay for all of your ticketing needs. Whether you have made a last minute decision to see your girlfriend’s favorite band or your football team is in the playoffs, Stubhub is the way to go. It has become the largest and most well known secondary market ticket marketplace in the country. Stubhub is known as the ticket scalper of the digital age and if there is one thing that scalpers do best, it is cheap tickets.



Groupon is without a doubt the most useful and in my opinion biggest money saving app that I am featuring in this post. It allows users to search for fun events, things to do and products based on the location of where the user is in the world. I recently purchased a Groupon for a local winery where I got tour, sampling, chocolates and wine glasses for two people all for $20! I saved around $80 so I highly recommend this app if you are bored one day and do not want to break the bank.



Much like Groupon, LivingSocial is an online marketplace where users buy heavily discounted coupons for activities and events in their surrounding areas. Events such as beer and wine festivals, discounted dinners, discounted museum tickets and anything of that nature. LivingSocial is different from Groupon in a sense that it is heavily focused in the east while Groupon focuses mainly on the Midwest and Western parts of the country. With that being said, they both are convenient money saving apps to have on your smartphone when looking for new, fun and cheap adventures.


Air bnb

Much like Uber, this app will aid the user when partaking in anything entertainment related. Air bnb has mostly to do with when you are traveling places and let me just say that it is much cheaper staying at a person’s house in a major city than an overpriced hotel. I personally have never sued this app but my father lives by it. He tells me stories of being shown around New Orleans and Nashville when staying at an Air bnb’s house. In addition, the best part as my dad described it is that they more often than not will cook you food free of charge. This is not as creepy as it sounds though because other people rate user’s profiles who have stayed at their houses to let potential visitors know it is safe. Overall, my dad has told me Air bnb has saved him hundreds of dollars on lodging all over the world.



RetailMeNot is a great app to have in your possession because it is the largest accumulator of coupons for almost every store in the country. It goes even further where it can detect what store you are entering ad it sends you a push notification of coupons for that store. It distributes over 500,000 coupons for over 50,000 stores ranging from clothing, electronics, furniture, beauty products, pets, jewelry, home products, toys and travel.



Uber is a concierge cab driving service. It is not so much entertainment as it is a cheap way to get from point A to point B. It will help you get to your fun activity in a nicer and cheaper fashion than a regular cab. The first ride of up to $20 is free as well! And the best part is you pay through your Uber app and you request a close-by driver through your Uber app. I recently took an Uber in Atlanta and it saved me around $40 because Uber’s rates are that much cheaper than a local cab company.



Thriftbuddy is a fun app for any thrift store connoisseur. It also takes the user’s location and shows every thrift store within a 50-mile radius. Thrift stores are a great commodity when buying clothes and I know that have found some lost treasures scattered around in my local thrift shops! Do not sleep on this app because when you need that last minute costume for some event, a thrift store is your best bet!



Much like Stubhub, Seatgeek offers its users heavily discounted tickets to sporting and music events. The way in which it is different is that it is more user friendly and peer-to-peer in a sense that the sooner the date gets to the event, the cheaper the tickets become. This is one of my favorite apps to use to buy tickets and I would highly suggest it!



Gametime is almost identical to Seatgeek but it focuses solely on sporting event tickets. This app prides itself on its digital interface and the fact that a user does not have to print the ticket out beforehand. It also deals with very cheap sporting event tickets because of the last-minute phenomenon that is sweeping the ticket world. A user does not have to purchase their tickets way in advance before the big game because the prices will drop the closer and closer it gets to that game.



Redlaser is a unique app which scans the barcode of almost any product and gives the user more information about that product and what other stores including online retailers are selling it and for how much. This state-of-the-art technology was made specifically for smartphone cameras and I know I have saved hundreds of dollars using it because let us be honest, almost all products are cheaper online.

Tax Day!!!!

Happy Tax Day 2k15 ya’ll!! I hope you guys did not forget to file your taxes like me. The moolah you can get back on your return outweighs the struggles of actually doing your taxes in the first place. Am I right? Well in case you are searching for those last minute W-2’s, here are ten things that are more entertaining than filling out tax forms:


1) Grooming your cat

2) Calling your great-grandmother

3) Who am I kidding, literally anything…


Here’s a better list of what to spend your return on:


1) Obamacare

2) An Apple Watch

3) A Netflix Subscription

4) Stock in private prisons

5) A Staycation

6) Google Glasses

7) Anything in a Brookstone Catalog

8) A Record Player

9) Chipotle, Lots of Chipotle

Madipalooza Performers Part II

5. Great Caesar – This indie-rock band drawing sounds that can compare to Arcade Fire, Great Caesar, has some of the most beautiful lyrics that address real issues such as love, race and gender. They are from NYC and have a chill, sultry sound that is very easy to vibe to. Don’t sleep on these guys because they have been on the rise since their hit song, “Don’t Ask Me Why.”


Popular Songs: Still Love, Hey Jolene, Holiday (https://www.youtube.com/user/greatcaesarband)

6. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – This LA based rap duo infuses the traditional hip-hop beats and infuses them with modern lyrics. They remind me of The Beastie Boys with the amount of energy they bring to the stage and using actual instruments such as trumpets and saxophones to make their beats adds a whole new dimension to their music. These two are not just another set of white rappers, they a fresh breath of air in this growing genre.


Popular Songs: Scrape The Sky, Cool Summer, Up and Away (https://www.youtube.com/user/CSWSMusic)


7. Steal The Prize – Closing out the show, is this groovy rock n’ roll band from just outside of Harrisonburg in Lynchburg, VA. They pride themselves on their ability to improv and have a really mellow vibe that is a perfect way to cap of Madipalooza!


Popular Songs: Don’t Judge Me Jesus, Aware Wolf, The Cost of Freedom (https://www.youtube.com/user/stealtheprize)

Madipalooza Performers

Carrying on with the theme of the week, Madipalooza, the line-up was just recently announced with Strongwater starting off the day, MisterWives (the headliner) going on next, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown following the headliner, up and coming country artist Chris Lane going on fourth, and then Great Caesar, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and Steal The Prize are the final three acts! Take a look at a brief profiling of each of these bands to make up your mind as to whom you want to see:


1. Strongwater – Harrisonburg native folksy band, Strong Water is a four-piece string band with fiddle, cello, banjo and guitar. They have a slight bluesy-esque feel with a female lead singer. In addition, they rightfully earned their spot at this Festival by winning UPB’s annual Rumble Down Under competition. These guys are a great opening act and surely not to be missed.


Popular songs: Awhile, Scary Man, The Lion Comes (https://soundcloud.com/strongwatermusic)


2. MisterWives – This indie pop dance group hailing from NYC is the headliner of Madipalooza. They have opened for some big name artists such as Twenty One Pilots, American Authors and The Bleachers. MisterWives is only three years young but has risen to fame very quickly. Their songs Vagabond, Our House and Reflections have been featured as the theme song for MTV’s Finding Carter and Budlight’s “Whatever USA” commercial. Much like Strongwater, MisterWives has a female lead singer but unlike Strongwater, MisterWives is more upbeat and fun!


Popular Songs: Reflections, Our House, Vagabond (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwQIPsdr-FATQqJkXgQGNKw)


3. Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown – This edgy Rock N’ Roll band from Nashville has killer guitar riffs and solid lyrics to boot. They are the closest thing to the more classic rock genre that Madipalooza offers this year and if the classics are your thing, then check them out! You will not be disappointed.


Popular Songs: Where I Want You, Say a Prayer, You Got Me Baby (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGRvnL_jzOI&list=PLXujnHinicQfbgJbVGXdBE0UvfJRM4v5x&index=2)


4. Chris Lane – An on the rise Country singer who will bring energy and a down south good time to the many fans of this genre at JMU. He has a more college vibe than the other two and of course talks about heartbreak and more importantly drinking! He has opened up for The Band Perry, Lee Brice, Eli Young Band and many more of these country royalty. He comes on fourth in the line-up so be sure to see him!


Popular Songs: Broken Windshield View, Starting Tonight, All I Ever Needed  (https://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisLaneVEVO)

Check back with The Ramen Budget tomorrow to see the remaining three bands profiled!

Stay thrifty my friends

Student ID Discount

As college students we are all trying to utilize everything in our means to make ends meet. There is no better way to do this than that little plastic card that all of us get during our orientation of our respective schools. This little card is a life saver but I bet you didn't know exactly how much of a life saver. Here are some unique ways to save money with your student ID card:

1) Amazon Student Discounts

2) Buffalo Wild Wings - 10% off entire check

3) AMC Movie Theatres - On Thursday tickets are only $8 all day

4) Chipotle, Chick-fil-a offer free drinks with your purchase when showing your ID Card

5)  These clothing stores offer 10%-20% discounts off your entire order with your student ID:
- Ann Taylor
- Ann Taylor Loft
- Banana Republic
- Club Monaco
- Charlotte Russe
- Madewell
- J.Crew
- Rugby (Ralph Lauren)
- The Limited
- Urban Outfitters

6) These food restaurants offer 10% off discounts:
- McDonalds
- Subway
- Burger King
- Qdoba
- Dairy Queen
- Dunkin’ Donuts

7) Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness offer a variety of student discounts

8) Alex & Ani gives you $10 off your entire purchase when you show your ID Card

9) Many major professional sports teams offer student discounts (Mostly Baseball - Nationals, Red Sox, Yankees, Mets)

10) Goodwill - On Tuesdays if you show your Student ID Card then you can get 20% off your entire order