Madipalooza Performers Part II

5. Great Caesar – This indie-rock band drawing sounds that can compare to Arcade Fire, Great Caesar, has some of the most beautiful lyrics that address real issues such as love, race and gender. They are from NYC and have a chill, sultry sound that is very easy to vibe to. Don’t sleep on these guys because they have been on the rise since their hit song, “Don’t Ask Me Why.”


Popular Songs: Still Love, Hey Jolene, Holiday (

6. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – This LA based rap duo infuses the traditional hip-hop beats and infuses them with modern lyrics. They remind me of The Beastie Boys with the amount of energy they bring to the stage and using actual instruments such as trumpets and saxophones to make their beats adds a whole new dimension to their music. These two are not just another set of white rappers, they a fresh breath of air in this growing genre.


Popular Songs: Scrape The Sky, Cool Summer, Up and Away (


7. Steal The Prize – Closing out the show, is this groovy rock n’ roll band from just outside of Harrisonburg in Lynchburg, VA. They pride themselves on their ability to improv and have a really mellow vibe that is a perfect way to cap of Madipalooza!


Popular Songs: Don’t Judge Me Jesus, Aware Wolf, The Cost of Freedom (