Madipalooza Performers

Carrying on with the theme of the week, Madipalooza, the line-up was just recently announced with Strongwater starting off the day, MisterWives (the headliner) going on next, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown following the headliner, up and coming country artist Chris Lane going on fourth, and then Great Caesar, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop and Steal The Prize are the final three acts! Take a look at a brief profiling of each of these bands to make up your mind as to whom you want to see:


1. Strongwater – Harrisonburg native folksy band, Strong Water is a four-piece string band with fiddle, cello, banjo and guitar. They have a slight bluesy-esque feel with a female lead singer. In addition, they rightfully earned their spot at this Festival by winning UPB’s annual Rumble Down Under competition. These guys are a great opening act and surely not to be missed.


Popular songs: Awhile, Scary Man, The Lion Comes (


2. MisterWives – This indie pop dance group hailing from NYC is the headliner of Madipalooza. They have opened for some big name artists such as Twenty One Pilots, American Authors and The Bleachers. MisterWives is only three years young but has risen to fame very quickly. Their songs Vagabond, Our House and Reflections have been featured as the theme song for MTV’s Finding Carter and Budlight’s “Whatever USA” commercial. Much like Strongwater, MisterWives has a female lead singer but unlike Strongwater, MisterWives is more upbeat and fun!


Popular Songs: Reflections, Our House, Vagabond (


3. Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown – This edgy Rock N’ Roll band from Nashville has killer guitar riffs and solid lyrics to boot. They are the closest thing to the more classic rock genre that Madipalooza offers this year and if the classics are your thing, then check them out! You will not be disappointed.


Popular Songs: Where I Want You, Say a Prayer, You Got Me Baby (


4. Chris Lane – An on the rise Country singer who will bring energy and a down south good time to the many fans of this genre at JMU. He has a more college vibe than the other two and of course talks about heartbreak and more importantly drinking! He has opened up for The Band Perry, Lee Brice, Eli Young Band and many more of these country royalty. He comes on fourth in the line-up so be sure to see him!


Popular Songs: Broken Windshield View, Starting Tonight, All I Ever Needed  (

Check back with The Ramen Budget tomorrow to see the remaining three bands profiled!

Stay thrifty my friends