How To Prep For Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner, for graduating seniors this time can be bittersweet. The days of exams and all nighters are almost over, but soon comes the responsibility of getting a job and becoming an even more independent adult. While the transition is hard enough emotionally, it is also a time to look at finances and figure out how to make life outside of school start to work.

Live within your means- Once you have set a budget stick to it, don’t make foolish purchases or go on spontaneous shopping trips.                                                                                                

Hang out with the right crowd- Stay with friends that know your budget and help you keep with it. Friends should help you stick to your budget goals, not encourage you to spend beyond your means.                                                                    

Pay bills on time- By paying bills on time you save yourself the hassle of paying interest on bills, but you also start to build a good credit score. While paying bills is a simple monthly process, it can really mean a lot later down the line.                    

Clean up your social media- When in school it may have been acceptable to post photos of your crazy nights, but now perspective employers are viewing your profile. You want to put your best foot forward to make sure they see you as a respectable person and potential employee.

Learn to cook and clean- Once you're out of school there is no longer a meal plan option or a neat freak roommate to do your cleaning. You have to learn how to do both to be successful. By learning to cook you can save money by avoiding eating out. Learning to clean is a good practice for your new housing, but also your work environment. 

The transition from school life to work life can be quite challenging. It is a struggle to balance a new way of life and adjust to the changes taking place. By just making small adjustments to your life after graduation you can help make the transition easier.