Dining Out on a Budget!

Who here loves to eat out on the weekends or when cooking at home just seems like too much work? I know I do. Well I’ve learned a few tips along the way from friends and family and they seem to work.

1.      Eat a light snack before arriving to the restaurant, not a lot but enough that you won’t order everything on the menu.

2.      Don’t order drinks. Drinks make the tab add up very quickly, especially alcoholic drinks. It’s best to just stick with water if you want to save money.

3.      If possible, spilt an entrée. I do this often with my Mom; we both can never finish an entrée so we spilt one and spend what we would have used on two separate entrees on desert!

4.      Go to lunch versus dinner. Lunch menus usually offer cheaper options!

5.      Check for deals online before you go. This tip actually works, most restaurants will ask you for your email and they will send you coupons via email each month; this will save you money and you’ll get to enjoy your favorite restaurants!

Happy Eating!