I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

So I assume by now that most of you have heard about the recall on Blue Bell Ice Cream. Well, if you haven’t, it has come out that their ice cream has been recalled because they found traces of listeria in some of their products. So, I figured I would write a post on some other brands of ice cream that are probably a little cheaper and aren’t currently being recalled.

First, I think we should start with my favorite brand of ice cream, which is Breyers (Rocky Road of course). So this brand offers a ton of variety and many different flavors, the only thing that sucks is they’re a little pricey. But, you can sometimes catch them on a sale at some grocery stores and that’s when it’s worth it.

Another popular brand is Turkey Hill. This brand can also be a little on the expensive side but they offer many funny names and a variety of flavors. A brand similar to this is Blue Bunny which can sometimes be found cheaper than the first two.

This may just be in my opinion, but the ice creams that aren’t the name brand, taste the same. I know, shocker! Some may say that the Foodlion brand Rocky Road just isn’t the same as the Breyer’s brand but in all honesty, if someone put the Foodlion brand in a bowl and handed it to me without telling me which brand it was; I probably wouldn’t notice a difference. These brands are always cheaper than the name brands, as with most things, and it just makes sense to buy the cheaper brand so you can buy more of it!

I also feel the need to mention how yummy and different Ben & Jerry’s is, but I also need to mention that you’ll have to dedicate an extra $5 in your budget for a seriously small container of ice cream that will only last you maybe  two sittings, if you’re lucky. So in reality, it’s probably a good idea to stick to the container that’s the largest for the cheapest amount.