Winter Blues

So we all know that this winter has been brutal. Just in the past two weeks we’ve had over a foot of snow and quite frankly, I’m over it. I’m ready for warm weather, bikinis, and mojitos by the beach. But nonetheless, this cold weather is here and apparently here to stay, so, let’s try and make the best of it. We also all know that Buzzfeed has the latest and greatest when it comes to list. So with minimal searching I quickly found several articles that were trending on recipes in several different food groups. The one I found to be the most helpful was posted on the 21st of February, by Christine Byrne, entitled, 27 Pasta Recipes To Help You Survive The Winter. This article was super helpful because it give you direct links to all of the recipes and all of the examples looked fantastic. What is also helpful to know is that pasta ($2-$3 per box) is relatively cheap, whatever meat (anywhere from $3-$10) you decide to use in the pasta is usually not going to break the bank, and finally sauces ($3-$5) are cheap as well. What is really neat about making pasta and what makes it so cheap is that pasta has the potential to make a large amount therefore you could eat off of it all week, if you so choose. Okay guys, head on over to the “Food” section and you’ll find the link for the cool Buzzfeed article I found telling you all of the great pasta ideas that you can use to help you survive this cold winter!