SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HERE! #praise. So, some of us may be traveling to a different state for the week and whether you’re going on your parent’s budget or your own, you should always be mindful of how much money you’re spending (or wasting).  You may think that because you’re on vacation that you should change the way that you grocery shop, but that is not the case. Some tips to avoid over-spending while on vacation are the same as when you’re at home: always have a list when you go in, price check items at different locations, and try to keep track of how much each item is as you put it into your basket. These tips will help you to have more money to spend while you’re on your vacation instead of throwing it into food. Now, if you are staying at a hotel, you may not have a lot of availability as to what you can cook in your room so you may be forced to eat out, which can definitely wrack up the bill. In this case, I would check around to all of your possible food destinations to see who has the best prices with the best food (this can sometimes be a trial and error process). On the other hand, if you are paying more to have a room with a kitchen in it, then definitely stock up on food and make your own meals when you can so you can spend your money on other things besides eating out. 
Another tip for spring break would be to go into the trip with a budget in mind. Count up the cost of gas (if you’re driving), meals, flights, rental cars, factor in money for going out for drinks; if it cost money, add it to the budget. This will help you know ahead of time how much money you will be out of once the week is up, instead of being surprised when you look at your bank account next Monday!
I hope everyone has a great, safe, and relatively cheap spring break!