Thinking About Traveling this Summer?

Only a couple more weeks until students will be done with classes and finals, which means everyone will be ready for the summer. While most students will have to work during the summer at various internships or other establishments to earn some extra cash, vacation is another priority. College students obviously don't want to send all the money they make on traveling for vacation, so here are a few tips so you can travel on a budget this summer.


If you have access to a car and some gas money, you’ve got a vacation. Gather some friends, pick a destination, jump in the car and see where you end up. Road trips are great because everyone can pitch in and you get to see so much along the way. For instance, make a deal that everyone will swap driving every few hours and take time to explore every couple places you drive through. Pick random restaurants to eat at, explore attractions and learn about a new area. 


Going to the local beach, even for the day, is a great vacation. You can sit out in the sun, play in the ocean, go out to dinner, and walk on the boardwalk. The beach is full of great times and everything is fairly cheap. Also everything is super close! For instance, I am from PA and the closest beach is the Jersey Shore. My family goes every summer just for random days and we have the best time. You save money if you are just going for the day or an overnight, compared to a week when you have to rent a house. 


This one might take planning some time in advance, but cruises can be cheap if you find the right deal. Also you should be open to when you go and where you travel. Tickets are usually all inclusive, therefore your trip, food, housing and entertainment are all covered. Also you will get to travel to various destinations and explore different areas. Just remember that tickets could start around $300, but that only includes what I just mentioned. Be sure to bring some extra cash for drinks and extra stuff at the destinations. There are so many different cruise types offered, so it makes an amazing summer vacation for students.


Camping is a super cheap way to get away, travel, and still go on vacation. You don't have to go on a fancy and luxurious vacation as a college student, so save your money. Camping is fun because you can be adventurous with family or friends and just enjoy the outdoors. Just make sure to plan ahead with the location, food, and gear. My family goes camping every year and we love it so much. Also we try to go to a different area or state every time, so we get to experience different travel sites. You might enjoy just roughing it outside because it  can be an experience that teaches you some amazing life skills.