Travel on a Budget

Traveling on a student budget is never easy, but traveling while you’re a student is always really fun! Here are a few tips to help you travel without paying too much: 

1. Planes, trains and automobiles: Getting to and around while traveling can quickly drain your spending budget, so choose your mode of transportation carefully. Research flights on multiple sites, which gives you multiple deals so you can compare rates.

2. Packing: Reduce all the clothes you planned on taking, by half. One way to make your traveling easy and cost-efficient is to be an efficient packer. Pack as light as you can because it will make a difference, especially if you have to carry your suitcase on a bus or a train. Do a little research on where you plan to travel — what’s the weather like? Pack clothes that you can mix and match and that are right for the weather and area. 

3. Research money to save money: Remember that an ATM always has fees and they can range in number throughout different areas. Be sure to check into your bank’s policies for ATMs and card use, especially abroad. Also check out the exchange rate for where you will be visiting. It may be best to get some foreign currency before you leave because some exchange counters charge large interest rates. 

4. Consider another student ID: If traveling internationally, be sure to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which will give you access to student discounts on flights, entertainment and attractions. Most tourist destinations have student tickets that are much cheaper than regular ones, but only if you have a local or have an international student ID. 

5. Be flexible: Follow the deals! Travel during the off-season or even the beginning/end of peak tourist season because you will travel for much cheaper and it will be less crowded. 

Allow your schedule to be a little flexible — some attractions and restaurants have deals if you come on certain days or at certain hours. Also check out those local places that may not be the nicest; some of the best meals you will find are tiny places that cost next to nothing when compared to the hot spots.

Follow these tips – find a cheap flight, pack your bags and set your budget. Now be financially responsible while on the best adventure of your life! 

Bon voyage!

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Six Penny Globe

Traveling involves some spontaneity, but resources may lack or vary. One of these resources is money, which is said makes the world go round. Sometimes it restricts people from traveling around the world, but it doesn’t have to. Therefore I base this post on a video:

This video presents a real life story of two girls traveling around the world, dropping everything in their life, and strictly living on a budget. With no schedule, a bag full of cheap cameras, and just enough money to get by. They took the money that they would be paying for a year of rent and phone bills. The video is an intro to a web documentary series that captures all of the moments endured in their traveling adventures. The video shows the girls trying to hitch hike, finding anywhere to sleep, sharing a bed, and simply living their lives. Basically the video starts the series on how to travel to twelve countries on $30 a day.

The video can directly relate to The Ramen Budget. It is about living on a college budget or a simple budget, while not being held back by all the wonders you want to endure in your lifetime. Therefore I suggest if you want to travel but have a lack of money, use it wisely and don’t hold back. This is a true story and shows that anything can be done, even will a lack of funds.

Go to and learn more about the adventures of Kristen and Kelsey:

“With a budget the size of a pinhead, we had to get creative not just with our filmmaking, but also with our day-to-day existence. We hitchhiked, couchsurfed, and street performed to save money and make ends meet. The fallout from our constant penny pinching was endless. We had several run-ins with the police, were abandoned in the desert, spent a night in a handicap bathroom, got drugged, got robbed, missed trains, peed our pants, and cried in the dark. But more worth noting is the fact that we had the time of our lives. Would we change a thing? Never. When you’re on the road, the road calls the shots; as soon as you accept that, fear and discomfort bow out and the good stuff can begin.

Sixpenny Globe is, in the simplest terms, a web series about long-term budget travel. But it’s far from a how-to guide to backpacking. If anything, it more often reveals how-not-to. We throw in some Cheap Tricks that we picked up along the way for the benefit of those who will hereafter embark, but at its core Sixpenny Globe is just a story. It was conceived and created in the spirit of adventure, and that’s the taste we hope to leave in your hearts. It’s a show about people, places, cultures, friends, and the serendipitous fact that, at least for now, we’re all here at the same time. This is life on Earth. Let’s do this shit.”

*don’t let a budget hold you back, go experience this world* 

Travel Deals for Spring Break 2015

First of all, always plan ahead. Plan how you will be traveling, whether by car, bus, train, or plane. Knowing your type of transportation is important because it determines a bulk of the cost, other than where you will be staying. Also take note how you will get around once you arrive at your destination. If you are driving there, it will not a problem because you will have your car. But it will be different if you are traveling there any other way. The best idea is to stay somewhere that has everything included and you won’t have to transport very far.

One way to plan ahead for the best spring break travel is to visit StudentCity has been in business since 1987 and is one of the student travel industry leaders for spring, winter, and summer break trips. StudentCity has brought over 400,000 students to top destinations all over the world. College students are the main audience because unique experiences are offered with convenience travel packages for groups of all sizes.

StudentCity offers the total package, combining flight and bus transport, hotel or resort accommodations, and exclusive events. StudentCity therefore solves all previous problems that I mentioned before.

The steps to travel with StudentCity include:

1) Contact StudentCity or go online
2) Pick a destination and make your reservation
3) Pay your deposit
4) Make payment plan
5) Complete your final payment
6) Add your party package
7) Print travel documents
8) Travel!!
9) Arrive, Welcome Orientation, and Hotel Check-In

All in all, StudentCity is a great way to spoil yourself for spring break. Also you will still be working with a budget because this trip will supply for travel needs as a college students. Everything is included so you will not be paying extra money and you can book a destination with the best packages. StudentCity also allows you to create a payment plan for yourself and others in your group. Ultimately your trip does not have to be paid in full right away and individual travelers can pay his or her trip on their own when booking a trip in a large group.

Anyways have fun whenever your spring break way be and be sure to pick the best deals so you get to travel, while still living on a budget.

How Far Do You Want to Travel?

A major concern for travelers is whether they are getting the best deal possible, while saving enough money for other luxuries and activities. A way that budgeters can view the possibilities and deals out there, is by going online to various travel website including Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, and Priceline Group. All of these websites contain information regarding packages, discounts, deals, and anything else that may be needed while traveling.

These websites are an important tool for travelers to use, but online travel booking may be changing. Expedia believes bigger is better and therefore is agreeing to buy a fellow travel company, Orbitz Worldwide. This deal is for about $1.3 billion and will combine two well-known brands. Due to this, shares in Orbitz have increased to nearly 22 percent, to $11.72, along with a rise in Expedia to more than 14 percent, to $89.57.

While Expedia continues to face competition, it has been eagerly buying brands to increase in scale. Buying Orbitz will not only add a large name to its company, but Expedia will also get CheapTickets and HotelClub. These are further resources that budgeters can check out for cheaper ways to travel. Expedia also announced, in the summer, deals for Travelocity and, so there may be a streak of deals to continue. As Tom White, an analyst at Macquarie, indicated,  “it’s a space where the big are going to continue getting bigger.”

Although a major concern is whether the components of both Expedia and Orbitz can be joined together, but plans are under way. It was indicted that this deal will create a bigger inventory so all features are included. This will secure more bookings, with better and cheaper rentals, hotels, and activities.

As a reader and fellow traveler, I think this transition is quite beneficial for all of those incorporated in the deal and users of both websites. It is an opportunity to have all of the best traveling deals and discounts in one place, on a larger scale. Both companies are gaining a large deal of exposure and the new deal seems to take traveling in the right direction. 

Overall, traveling on a budget is not always easy, but it is important to keep up with those companies that are willing to sell you the best travel deals and packages out there. While most college students are not able to go on various excursions throughout the academic year, there are moments when they would still need these resources. Therefore, keeping up with traveling trends and major transitions of online travel companies, should be important to a budgeter. If traveling is where most of your excess money is going as a college student, keep up with various transitions of travel companies, for further budgeting discounts. 

For more information:

Travel Had to Start Somewhere

          Through the past evolution of transportation, travel has been the outcome and has currently allowed individuals the freedom to move wherever they wish and wherever economic opportunities lead them. The use of railroads “made travel available to a wider group of people, but it was the automobile that really democratized travel” (Greuther, 2011, p. 4). In the past, the automobile was the rich man’s possession, but now it is available at everyone’s convenience. 

          All of the improvements are very important to modern day because they describe the current evolution of transportation that led to traveling for pleasure. Individuals who live in cities report that they crave the thought of escaping from crowds, the noise, and their own busy lives. This recognition started in the mid-19th century, leading individuals to travel away, if only for the afternoon or even perhaps longer. All modes of transportation and roads have improved since the past century, which has allowed individuals to travel for pleasure. Now people are traveling to resorts and go on vacation due to the enticement of offerings, enjoyable climate, appealing scenery, and an array of activities. 

          Despite all previous rigors of transportation, the reason traveling has become prominent in the current time is because with every new form of transportation, Americans embarked on new “pleasure trips”. People continuously want to travel great distances, at less expense and escape the constraints of the their world. Based on all of this information, “opportunities for Americans to travel for pleasure have changed and grown tremendously over the past 200 years” (Greuther, 2011, p. 123). Due to the improved modes of transportation and the increasing desire of Americans to “get away” for a break, there has been an expansion of the use of travel. The first use of transportation for pleasure, involved ordinary individuals “attempting to avoid crowds,” but has led to Americans traveling just a short distance or “toward the farthest reaches of the globe in search of relaxation, variety, adventure and, sometimes, even their own identities” (Greuther, 2011, p. 123).

Did this post help you understand the prominence of travel?

Greuther, M. (2011). Transportation: Past, present, future. Dearborn: The Henry Ford Education. 1-125.