A Night at the “Movies” for Less

I know one of my favorite past times is the movies! But movie theater prices are on the rise to almost $12 a ticket without even including the overpriced food and drinks! I know there are few movies that come out that are worth almost what I make in two hours at my part time job. So what do I do for those movies on the fence where I would rather get the cinematic experience and not have to wait another 6 months to see it on DVD. Well here are some tips for you cinephiles out there:

1) Research your local movie theater(s). Many theaters like AMC and Regal have bonus cards and have student discount days to make your wallet feel better!

2)  If you are an extreme moviegoer, there is a card called moviepass where you can pay $30 a month and have unlimited access to as many movies in the theaters as you would like. Make sure your local theater is a participating one though!

3) Make it a double feature! Pay for one ticket and after your first movie is over, make your way over to a second movie that you are dying to see! Be aware of movie times though to make sure you are not missing anything!

4) Popcorn Time is a piece of software that you can download and it offers some of the most recent movies that are even in theater for free to access whenever you want!

5) If you are in a big city, check out free movie screenings for movies that are not even out yet. I know I am from right outside of DC and I have seen dozens of movies for free before they were even released into the theaters. Gofobo.com is a huge supplier of free movie screening passes

6) When all else fails, there is always Netflix and Redbox

Stay thrifty my friends