Love on a Budget

Having a significant other in college can get very expensive; especially when it comes to movies, eating out, long nights at the bar, weekend trips and anything else that your lovey-dovey minds can come up with to make time for each other. If the relationship you are currently in is on the positive track, while your bank account is on the negative track, here are 10 cheap date ideas that will hopefully last you till it’s summertime and you are back to Facetime calls and endless emojis while doing the whole long distance thing:

1) Grab the sheet off your bed and pack up a delicious picnic in one of the many paper Chipotle bags that you have lying around and take your bae out to the closest park or your college’s quad

2) Go Hiking. Don’t think about it just go. And if you are in a city, then good on you because explore a new part and get lost together

3) Check out your college campus movie theater. Movie prices range from $0-$4 and concessions are even cheaper!

4) Look at the local bowling alleys, roller skating/ice skating rinks etc. and see if they have college night because more often than not they do

5) Check something off your bucket list and go to a shooting range

6) Try stargazing, you never know

7) Go apple picking or whatever fruit farm is around you because nothing tastes better than fresh picked fruit

8) Go to a local pet store or SPCA and play with cats, dogs or an animal of your choosing. Trust me Guys, just trust me on this one

9) Check out your college’s sports teams even if it is not basketball or football season because nothing beats watching sports live

10) When all else fails, go with a Redbox because nothing beats $1 for a movie