10 Cheapest Ways to Get Drunk!

Being able to afford rent, groceries, books, and alcohol is difficult- sometimes seeming impossible. Therefore, sometimes, as college students, we just need to suck it up and chug the gross stuff.  If it’s cheap and gets the job done, we should be able to deal with it for just 4 years…right?

Although you’ll be considered the “cool” kid that goes out and buys bottles of Cîroc and Belvedere every weekend, your wallet will not be praising you as much.

To help all you college students and budgeters with your dilemmas, I have compiled a list of the ten cheapest ways to get drunk!

10. 6-pack tall boys- Depending on the brand, these will only run you about $6- $7! As long as you keep them to yourself, you’ll have a good buzz going on before the end.
9.  Split a cheap 30 pack- Natural Light, Keystone, Busch Light- I’m sure you all know of these water tasting beers.  HOWEVER, they will get the job done, even though they aren’t exactly a craft beer.
8. Oak’s Leaf- This semi-tasty wine is just $2!
7. Natural Ice- Bet you didn’t think Natural Light could get any worse, right? Well guess again! Natural Ice has even more alcohol content, and tastes even more disgusting than Natty.  5.9% abv, $13 for a 30-pack, $1.83 per 3 oz. of alcohol
6. Mad-Dogs- These will sneak up on you for cheap!
5. Jungle Juice- Grab a bunch of your favorite $1 juices, some sodas, and cheap vodka and you have your own personal jungle juice! If you’re feeling fancy, you can add in some fruit too.
4. Forty- Malt liquor…yikes. This is a type of beer with higher alcohol content that is sold in forty ounces for cheap.  I’m sure you have heard of Colt 45 or Steel Reserves, so go try them out for yourself and see!
3. Franzia- A box of wine… what more could you ask for? This amazing invention contains 5 liters of your favorite type of wines- all for only about $15!
2. Four Loko- We have all heard the horror stories that go along with these little devils. However, they will definitely get you drunk for cheap! These run about $2- $3.
1. Burnette’s- Of course, number 1 on this list has to be the infamous Burnette’s vodka. Burnette’s has every flavor you could ever want and more. For just  $16 you can get a bottle of Burnette’s (1.75 L) or just $8 for 1/5 of vodka (750 mL)!

There’s your list! So be safe, and make sure to budget while you drink!

Until next time,