Budget for #Madi2015 at JMU!


Harrisonburg, VA., April 8, 2015-- A "Festival at Festival" is just what every James Madison University (JMU) student needs to kick off the warm weather and end their semester.  Madipalooza is JMU's FREE annual spring music festival that is solely student run and is happening April 11, 2015. This event is a great way for college students to hangout with their friends, meet new people and have a great day outside of the classroom. As mentioned earlier, this event is entirely FREE with food, activities such as laser tag and photo booths, free shirts, fanny packs, etc.  Madipalooza also offers FREE live music, of course. If you went to an off-campus event like this, you would have to pay to park, pay to get in, and pay for all of the food you eat. With all that being said, this is a spectacular and budget-friendly event for all students to enjoy, so why not partake in a care FREE afternoon? Also The Ramen Budget, a budgeting website for all college students, is covering the details for you. 

News Facts

  • What: Madipalooza at James Madison University

  • When: Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

  • Where: Located on James Madison University Festival Lawn, 1301 Carrier Drive, Harrisonburg, VA

  • Who: Hosted by JMU’s University Program Board (UPB)

  • Contact: madipalooza@jmu.edu

Six Simple Rules

  1. Must show JAC card to enter event and to be eligible for giveaways/prizes

  2. Maximum of TWO guests per student with JAC card

  3. No alcohol or illegal substances allowed

  4. All large bags, purses and backpacks will be searched upon entry. No outside food or drink.

  5. Attendees must abide by all existing campus rules and regulations

  6. Everyone must come prepared to have a blast!


If you don’t at least stop by Madipalooza, you’re letting a huge part of your ‘Madison Experience’ pass you by.
— Chase Suddith
My favorite part of Madipalooza is relaxing on the Festival Lawn listening to live music, overlooking the view, surrounded by my friends.
— Greg Bahou (UPB Member)
The Bands are definitely my favorite part of Madipalooza. Being a music industry minor, I love all of the behind the scenes work that goes into letting the bands perform. It’s my favorite time of year.
— Michelle Heffner (Madipalooza Committee)
My favorite part of the planning and production of Madipalooza is looking at the survey results and finding artists that match our students’ tastes and hearing feedback at the event itself from the crowd!
— Joanna Rose (UPB Member)
I love Madipalooza because every year they do a great job coming up with new activities, inflatables and bands. I also love the number of free t-shirts they give out! We’ve gotten really lucky with the weather- it’s great having a day where over half the student body is all at the same place at the same time.
— Shirali Shah (UPB Member)

About University Program Board (UPB)

The University Program Board (UPB) is a student-run and student-funded organization that receives more funding from the Student Government Association (SGA) than any other student group. UPB offers a variety of both educational and entertaining programs to complement the academic experience of students, while bringing programs to educate and enlighten JMU as a whole. Concerts, movies, speakers, novelty acts and others are just a few types of events that are offered to all students. The UPB Executive Council consists of 14 student directors, a graduate assistant and a faculty coordinator. These positions include responsibilities that range from running films at the campus theater to promoting large scale student events. 

About the Ramen Budget

The Ramen Budget writers will be covering Madipalooza all week long and will be giving you AWESOME budgeting tips for it! The Ramen Budget is a website directed towards various college students who need direction on how to save money more efficiently. The website is broken down into categories including travel, entertainment, food, drinking, and college life (quick tips), which are meant to cover the components of college on a weekly basis. Although college students are our target audience, we encourage others to view this website as a way to live an affordable life. Keep a look out for updates on this website and across social media that will inform you on the latest ways to save money. From traveling on the weekends to going to a concert to buying new clothes to eating out for dinner to buying groceries for the week to all things fun, we will guide you towards a cost-effective life with no drastic changes!

Social Media for Madipalooza

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Madipalooza 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/madipalooza

Instagram: https://instagram.com/madipalooza

Invitation: https://www.facebook.com/events/1586298044963948/

2014 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OVMdwJe11g 


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