As the school year comes almost to a close,  I know that for myself I don't want to take the time to make meals. Eating out has become a huge habit for college students simply because it’s easier, faster, and we sometimes think it’s cheaper. That’s not always the case though, in an article in Forbes, they said that “Americans go out to lunch on average twice a week and spend $10 each time. That means they're spending $936 annually.” As a college student, we’re probably going out more than twice a week with “Margarita Mondays” and “Thirsty Thursday’s” and I doubt that all of us can afford to spend over a thousand dollars on food each year eating out.  

One thing that we, as college students can do is research the field of budgeting. All it takes is for you to go on google and type in “budget” or go to BuzzFeed or Tumblr and do the same thing, loads and loads of articles will pop up with great advice and tips for how to save money while still eating the things you enjoy.  There are also a ton of websites with great recipes that make cooking for yourself easier and maybe even faster.

For example:




The two first articles were super easy to find and the same with the last blog. So definitely get off of Facebook and get onto BuzzFeed the next time you think about ordering take out or going out to eat!