A Night of Comedy on a Budget

          From Rooster in 22 Jump Street to a nationwide comedy tour is there anything Jimmy Tatro cannot do? Tatro is a comedian, filmmaker and YouTube personality. He has accumulated over 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, LIFE ACCORDING TO JIMMY and amassed more than 207 million views on YouTube with the number grows every day. Jimmy Tatro is beginning to embark on his Memoirs of a College dropout tour starting February 26 at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He has many dates set including: The University of Nevada at Reno (3/10), James Madison University (3/26), Drexel University (4/03) and George Washington University (4/21). Tatro has really made a name for himself in the twittersphere, racking up 435,000 followers. I know that is where I first saw his name from one of my friends retweeting him. Tatro combines sketch comedy and taking his own shots at everyday observations. Tatro prides himself on making fun of awkward college-esque situations so he is perfect for a national college campus comedy tour. Ticket prices for this event vary school by school but after researching many of the college’s websites that are on this tour, the range is $5-$15 if you are a student. I know for my college, James Madison University, tickets are only $8 for students! This is a great chance to laugh the night away for a discounted price because tickets for Tatro’s other shows in major cities are upwards of $40!! Take advantage of this college comedy tour students because who wouldn’t want to see an on the rise actor and comedian that is claimed to be the next Marky Mark on your local college’s stage. Till next time college budgeters and remember to stay thrifty!

For more information on all the tour dates visit Jimmy Tatro’s Facebook page: