Don't Spend Your Rent Money at the Bar

Nightlife in college is part of many students’ experiences…unfortunately; being broke is just as prominent in college as going out. Beinglow on cash should not be a reason for you to miss out on the nights that you will never remember with the college friends you will never forget, though!

To make sure you’re able to go out with your friends to bars without (accidentally, of course) spending all of your rent money for the month, follow these tips!

1. PREGAME! Play some drinking games with your friends before the bar! This way, you’ll have some fun competition and get a little buzz before heading out!

2. NEVER open a tab! Some may have already experienced the regret that comes with this mistake.  First, you get to the bar and open a tab. Next thing you know, you’re about to head out the door when the bartender tells you about your $200 bill that needs to be paid. Seeing how much you pay for each drink will let you know how much money you have left in your wallet.

3. Airplane shots= best invention ever. At most bars, a shot of vodka will run you about $3-$4, which is COMPLETELY overpriced.  Instead, head to the liquor store and grab a bunch of airplane shots for $1- $2! When you’re ready for another shot, sneak off to the bathroom and get to chugging!

4. PAY ATTENTION to drink specials! These will save your life and your wallet.  The drinks are almost always tasty and great deals!

5. Figure out how you are getting home before you head out! Having an awesome friend come pick you up and DD is way cheaper than unexpectedly having to pay for a cab to come pick you up.  Hopefully, you’ll be close enough to home to be able to walk or take a bus- just make sure you aren’t alone!

These are just a few tips, so don’t worry, more will be coming soon! Make sure to follow these tips so you’re able to enjoy nights out with your friends! We won’t be able to forever, so take advantage.

Have fun and stay thrifty!