Everyone Should Know Their ABCs

A brand new ABC store has opened on Port Republic Road,right next to Food Lion at James Madison University.  This opening raises the number of liquorstores available for JMU students to three!  Before this new ABC store, students needed to either travel to the liquor store downtown on North Main St., or head over to the store next to Martin’s.  

People are now able to quickly head over to the new ABC distributor on Port Republic in order to grab the liquor for their tasty, cheap drinks.

While the idea of an ABC store is extremely popular and more important than the actual ABCs to some, not all college students are lucky enough to experience such a dream come true. Did you know only eight states permit ABC stores? The other 42 states permit liquor sales at either private businesses or even wholesalers.  

The problem with this? These private stores and wholesalers are able to (and more likely to) raise the prices of their liquor over ABC store prices, because they are not government owned.  Any college student knows that every penny counts, so a raise of $2 on liquor prices could force them to sacrifice a midnight meal from McDonalds!

Don’t freak out, though! The Ramen Budget is here to help you budget correctly so you will be able to deal with these privately owned business prices on liquor AND afford your late night meal that night!

Stay thrifty, guys!

States with ABC Stores:

·         Virginia

·         North Carolina

·         Alabama

·         Idaho

·         New Hampshire (sold tax-free)

·         Pennsylvania

·         Utah

·         Washington